• No17 Therapy Almond Oil

    No17 Therapy Almond Oil is a 100% organic bottled miracle - and we promise you that it will nourish, protect and calm your skin. No17 Therapy Almond Oil is 100% organic and lled with A-, B- and lots of E-vitamins. Your skin will love you for using it on a daily basis. Massage a few drops into your skin after a warm bath and experience how your skin immediately will feel nourished and soft.

    MixafewdropsofNo17TherapyAroma oil - ‘Silent Sea’ or ‘Calm Forest’ with our 100% organic Almond Oil to get a light clean scent instead of using perfume. Sweet almond oil is known for its almost miraculous e ect and can be used to ease red, a icted and sore skin. No17 Therapy Almond Oil is so delicate that you can use it as a baby massage oil. Try also to use a few drops in your hair to avoid cracked and dry hair.
    It truly is one of nature’s wonders and that is why we call it a bottled miracle.

    • DKK 325,00