• Calm Forest Aroma Oil

    We love the forest. It’s our hiding place. Here we find peace. And space. And room for thoughts. The wispers of the treetops and the evident strength of the nature makes us calm. All this we have tried to distill in this little bootle. The scent is based on eucalyptus, patchouli, pink grape a hint of lavender and most importantly - geranium. You will feel intrigued, your mind will calm and your home will get a special deep calming scent powered by the fresh uplifting eucalyptus and the floral geranium.

    Calm Forest aroma oil is made from pure ingredients. Apply a few drops into a suitable aroma burner. Or use a few drops in a hot bath tub or a foot bath. Step in and relax. It can also be used with e.g. No17 Therapy Almond Oil as a body oil.

    • DKK 295,00